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The global pandemic in 2020 led to a significant decline in driving; ultimately causing a rapid spike in traffic accidents and fatalities once we all hit the road again. As we return to our offices and school, hanging out with friends, and visiting family – road trips can be an adventure.It goes without saying that when you are driving, especially on a road trip, to make sure you buckle up and position your rear and side car mirrors. We want to help you prepare the best way possible so you have a memorable trip for the right reasons.

Get Your Car Checked Out (fluids, oil changes, etc.)

Your car is your home away from home when on the road, so you want to ensure it is ready and prepared for the drive as early as possible. Take your car by a local garage or dealership for a maintenance check for tire pressure, oil levels, wiper blades, fluid levels and more. This pre-check (you can also do yourself) can eliminate any road emergencies. Tip: Make sure to have a spare tire, flashlight, and jumper cables on hand for any car emergencies during your road trip like a flat tire or dead battery.

Pack a Road Trip Survival Kit (include reviewing weather conditions/geography)

Depending on where you’re from and where you’re headed, weather conditions and road construction could affect your trip. Having a travel kit of essentials can help improve the journey and keep you on track to your destination. Try this packing list and even add a personal touch of something that you know could make your trip even better.

  • First aid kit and trash bag

  • Beverages and snacks

  • Blankets and pillows

  • Car charger for cellphones

  • CDs or Aux Cord for Streaming Music

Be Safe & Alert

Road rage, young children, loud music, sleepiness, etc. could cause serious distractions or accidents while driving. You want to avoid any emergencies or unexpected issues that can be prevented.

  • Be patient on the road with other drivers.

  • Keep children and teens busy with technology, books, or car games.

  • Always pull into well-lit gas stations and avoid pulling over on the road at night

  • Monitor your gas between exits

  • Take caution when using cruise control for safety and alertness

  • Take a break and rest if possible after 3-4 hours of driving. If possible, share driving responsibilities with drivers of age with a legal and active driver’s license.

  • Do not text and drive.

  • Keep the car radio at a reasonable volume level so you can hear ambulances, register car noises, etc.

Tip: With gas prices high as ever, saving on gas is pivotal on road trips. Buy gas first thing in the morning and use apps like GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas on your route.

The Brogdon Firm wants you to enjoy the road as much as the destination. For the best road trip experience, be prepared and have fun. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, this experience could create memories that you will never forget. If you happen to experience a car accident in Georgia, schedule a free consultation with us so we can help you start your mental and physical recovery. We listen. We are available. We understand.


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