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  • What do you get for your attorney’s fee?
    For civil litigation cases, The Brogdon Firm works on a contingency fee policy. In simplest terms, we get paid when YOU get paid. Contact us for a free consulation to confirm that your case falls under our contingency fee policy.
  • How long is the statute of limitations to file suit for a Georgia personal injury case?
    Every case has a time limit to file a lawsuit in court. For most personal injury cases in Georgia, the statute of limitations is 2 years. We can help you understand when the time will run out for your claim during your free consultation.
  • What information do you need from me in order to get started?
    Complete our intake form so that we have your contact information and basic case details including the date of the injury. Take a moment to write down everything you can remember about the incident. The Brogdon Firm will work with you to collect all of the important documents such as your medical records that are necessary to get your case started.
  • What types of injury cases does your firm work on?
    The Brogdon firm is experienced in a variety of cases from a simple car accident to complex medical malpractice and professional negligence. Visit our practice areas page to learn more about our areas of expertise including car and trucking accidents, shootings and assaults, wrongful death, slip and falls, professional negligence, and civil rights violations.
  • What is my personal injury or insurance claim worth?
    Most cases end in a settlement and not a jury trial. For this reason, both sides will decide on what they believe the value of the case is and begin negotiations. Many factors, including damages and liability, can impact the value of a case. There is no average case settlement amount, but the Brogdon Firm has the expertise to maximize the results of your case to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. View our practice areas to see some of our results.
  • On average, how long does it take before a settlement/trial is reached?
    The Brogdon Firm has the trial experience necessary to obtain positive outcomes for our clients. We also understand that there are times when compromise is suitable, and in those cases, we use our background in dispute resolution to empower our clients to get timely results. Contacting us early can help us begin moving your case to resolution as soon as possible.
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