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Attorney Gino Brogdon Jr, The Brogdon Firm, LLC, reflects on Senate Committee experience as the lone mediator & plaintiff’s attorney.

(October 8, 2019, Atlanta, GA) – Complaints by defense lawyers and business groups about hefty verdicts and unfavorable rulings are common. Daily Report contributor, Greg Land, investigates how plaintiffs lawyers are keeping an eye on a legislative committee that could trigger another round of “tort reform” legislation.

“Fueled by reports of megamillion-dollar verdicts, including from parts of the state that were considered relatively conservative and defense-friendly a few years ago, legislation was enacted to create the Study Committee on Reducing Georgia’s Cost of Doing Business. The committee is tasked with tackling legal obstacles that “threaten families, small and large businesses, economic development and all Georgia consumers,” and to “fully review and study the issue of Georgia’s legal climate and its impact on the cost of doing business and performing healthcare services in Georgia.”

Daily Report, Greg Land, October 4, 2019

The 15 member committee is led by Senator John Wilkinson, and the backgrounds of the group include 5 other senators as well as defense counsels from major corporations in the state.

Gino Brogdon Jr. is the only mediator and plaintiff’s attorney on the Senate committee. In the interview, Brogdon laughs and agrees that he is “sort of the odd man out,” but said he’s been pleased with how his perspective has been received.

The article continues with Brogdon’s experience with the committee.

Gino continues, “Everybody here, whether they’re from one group or another, is trying to reduce the costs of doing business in Georgia”. “Sometimes there are disagreements in the committee, but it’s very congenial and courteous, as opposed to argumentative.”

“While my plaintiffs’ practice has helped me explain things from an injured citizen’s point of view, my practice as a mediator has allowed me to give productive commentary, and approach issues in a balanced way,” said Brogdon.

For Brogdon, polarizing issues at the committee table is unproductive. Brogdon’s goal is to contribute to the conversation by highlighting the middle ground on issues such as the seat belt law or the statutory limitations for filing time-limited policy demands on an insurer.

The article concluded with a final thought from Brogdon, “I can’t say there was anything I felt so strongly about I said, ‘No way, can’t happen.’ But there were a lot of times I thought some information was lacking. The idea is to get all these suggestions out there.”

The third meeting of the Senate Study Committee on the Cost of Doing Business in Georgia will take place on Monday, October 21st at 10:00am in Ashmore Hall, Room 119 at the Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus (11935 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA 31419).

You may also livestream the meeting here:

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