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The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted so much in our lives. We’re sharing answers to the top questions we have received to help you understand what’s next for your case.

It’s been over a month since our team transitioned to working from home for our safety and the safety of others. We have been hard at work to push your case forward despite the impacts of Covid-19 and develop new tools to keep you updated on your case status. Below, Gino answers some of your most frequently asked questions.

My treatment was disrupted by Covid-19. How will this impact my case?

COVID-19 is affecting us all in many ways. If COVID-19 has caused your treatment facility to shut down or has in some way prevented you from getting necessary treatment, please give us a call. We take our Government’s orders to quarantine very seriously. We also want to advise you so that we can comply with the law and get the treatment you need.

Does COVID-19 stop you from getting my medical records & bills?

While we are able to send out medical record and bill requests from our home offices, many of the medical record distribution facilities have shut down or drastically reduced production. This means we are seeing slower response times and your case MAY be delayed temporarily. We are working diligently by sending out multiple requests as soon as treatment is complete and following up with these companies to get time tables for completion of the requests. If you are done treating, please notify us so that we can begin processing these requests as soon as possible.

If courts are closed, is my case on hold?  

If your case is still in the pre-suit phase, meaning you are in treatment or negotiations, the closing of the Courts will not delay your case. If a lawsuit has been filed for your case, the Courts being closed may affect the timeline in resolving your case. Currently, the Georgia Supreme Court has extended the closure of all Courts until May 13, 2020.

I was in an accident right before the shelter-in-place orders were made and now I can’t get treatment. What should i do?

This is a very unfortunate circumstance that leaves very few options. If you are in pain, you should try to receive treatment that you need. Please give us a call so we can discuss the factors that affect your case and how to go about getting medical attention during the pandemic.

I am staying home. What no-contact options do I have to stay in touch with my attorney or case manager?

We would love to stay in contact with you and keep you updated on your case. We have a new system for keeping you updated through our new phone app, Case Status. If your case is pre-suit, meaning you are in treatment or negotiations, you will receive a text inviting you to download Case Status which gives you access to personal case updates and information. You can always give us a call, but this new App will allow you to get real time progress updates as we work hard on your case.

I was recently injured. Is now a good time to get started on my case or should I wait until things get back to ‘normal’?

Choosing an attorney is an important first step to getting your case settled. While you may have limitations on your ability to get some treatments, now is a great time to get things moving. Waiting to pick an attorney could put you at the bottom of a long list of other legal matters when the courts reopen. We are happy to provide a virtual, free 30 minute consultation to share our approach that gets our clients the justice they deserve.

For further information please contact:  Melissa R. Brogdon, Firm Administrator at, 404-618-4780

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