3 Alarming Car Accident Statistics

Young woman looks upset as she uses her smartphone after getting into a car accident

Certain statistical trends have the tendency to appear when it comes to car accidents. These trends can help illuminate where we can improve safety measures in an effort to reduce the number of injury-sustaining and fatal crashes that occur.

Read on to learn about three of the most surprising car accident statistics.

#1 - At least 69% of the fatal accidents on Interstate 285 in Georgia occur in the dark.

As you may know, driving certain roads during the day is very different from driving them at night. Once the sun goes down, seeing the road ahead can be much more challenging.

This is certainly the case on I-285 in Georgia, where 69% of the deadly accidents that occur on this highway are when it is dark outside.

#2 - The use of seatbelts decreases fatalities in front-seat passengers by 45 percent.

When used correctly, seatbelts tend to reduce the fatality rates in front-seat passengers by a whopping 45 percent.

What’s more, wearing a seatbelt reduces serious injuries in front-seat passengers by 50 percent.

#3 - Speeding-related accidents amount to a yearly expense of $40.4 billion.

Year after year, speeding continues to be a significant contributing factor to car accidents. In fact, speeding tends to contribute to about 30% of all fatal accidents.

We’re Here for Injured Victims

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