Risky and Reckless Driving Causes Rise in Car Fatalities | Cracking Down on Illegal Street Racing in Atlanta and Nationwide

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Atlanta has a huge racing problem. When the Covid-19 pandemic kept us home for weeks, police in many Georgia counties began to receive complaints about excessive street racing and dangerous driving. Some of these high-speed, drag racing incidents have resulted in serious injury and even death.

Earlier this year, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed bill ​​HB 534 outlawing street racing in the Peach State. Despite this new law being enacted, illegal street racing is still having a negative effect on Georgia citizens.

Georgia has the 10th highest proportion of street racing offenders nationwide and long maintained a high rate of car-related deaths and the continued issues with street racing is only making it worse. Atlanta City Council even suggested offering race enthusiasts and high speed racers the opportunity to do it legally at Atlanta Speed Motorway. That option was shut down when councilpersons realized that the allure of street racing is showcasing the illegal act on social media.

“They want their five minutes of internet fame, and they wanna show they are doing this illegally, they’re doing it in a city street, they’re stopping interstate traffic,” Chief of Atlanta Police Erika Shields told 11Alive news. “Their conduct is so reckless. It is astounding how little regard they have for any human life, including their own.”

When it comes to injury or death in street racing and reckless driving, it’s considered negligence, amongst other criminal charges. This is something The Brogdon Firm can help you with.

“Atlanta is not unlike other major metropolitan cities struggling to engage youth and young adults in safe nightlife activities. Unfortunately, many people have been injured in this pursuit,” says Attorney Brogdon as he describes the existing consequences of street racing.

As the law on illegal street racing hopefully takes shape as the year wraps up, The Brogdon Firm remains committed to getting your case the outcome it deserves. If you find yourself injured due to someone else’s responsibility on the road, please contact us for a free case review. We’ll provide next steps on how your story can be heard and resolved. Get started on a consultation with us to get the help you need, right now.
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